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Event Name DRAFT Policies & Procedures<---(Click Name For Poster)
When ---
Where ---
Costs --
Includes --
Contact Jen D @ pandp@glana.ca
Note Here is a Draft P&P for the Greater London Area that can be viewed. Feel free to take a look. To view the documents click the blue event name, and a PDF should open.

Event Name Meeting Location Change Ingersoll<---(Click Name For Poster)
When Starting January 6th, 2018
Where Friday night's How it Works in Ingersoll Will be Changing to Saturday night Starting January 6th, 2018
Costs --
Includes --
Contact --
Note The Friday night meeting in Ingersoll will be moving its meeting day from Friday to Saturday starting on January 6th, 2018.
The group is also moving to Trinity United Church on 118 Church St. Ingersoll

Event Name Meeting Entrance Notice<---(Click Name For Poster)
When Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Meetings
Where The Church of The Epiphany, 560 Dundas St, Woodstock
Costs --
Includes --
Contact --
Note The meeting has changed the entrance from the front blue doors to the doors at the back of the church in the back parking lot

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