Greater London Area of Narcotics Anonymous

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While the regularly scheduled meetings cannot be held in person at this time, the G.L.A.N.A. fellowship is offering numerous online NA meetings with suitable and reliable environments for all.

Many of the groups have chosen to use the Zoom Platform to host their online meetings. More information about how to use Zoom can be found on the Zoom Website. You can download the app from the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store.

If your group's meeting ID, or Password changes please email the Webservant to have the info updated. You can also email in your groups info to have it added to the meetings page.

You can copy and paste the meeting ID and Password below into the app where you log into joint a meeing.

If you are having trouble logging into a meeting it could be because you are joining the meeting as a guest. Some meetings have a setting that requires you to have your own account to be an authenticated user.

Below is a list of current open meetings. Any new meedings will be posted in the new meetings page. The link can be found at the bottom of the page.

  • Stratford

  • Recovery Works Marathon Meeting: Poster Link

    Life Starts Here

    Just For Today. Sarnia

    I Can't We Can. Sarnia

    Walking In Recovery, St. Thomas

    Serenity Seekers

    Friday Night Grateful Group

    Recovery Lounge:

    New Horizons Woodstock: Poster Link

    Straight Talk:

    Alive and Kicking:

    Just for Today

    IHOP Meeting Poster Link

    Slowly Getting Better. Sarnia

    Alive and Kicking. Sarnia

    You can display a meeting list containing all areas and then print it on legal size (8.5"x14") paper to preserve its formatting.
    If you are new to NA, you may wish to read the Introduction to NA Meetings pamphlet so you have an idea of what to expect at a meeting.

    New meetings which are not yet official, due to being in existence for less than 3 months, need our support come out help. Meeting needing our support is now here. The Ontario Region manages a list of Ontario meetings which may also be helpful.

    If you are unable to open a link above, you may not have a PDF Reader on your computer to do so. Downloading and installing Adobe Reader should resolve your problem.